Month: September 2015

2015 Andrew Wuksta Award

Congratulations to Daniel Moore for being awarded the 2015 Andrew Wuksta Memorial award for being the Rookie Referee of the Year. This award is given to a the referee, who is in their early stages of refereeing, stands out as having a relaxed, friendly, positive outlook, a referee who is willing to accept advice and […]

2015 Sheena Storrie Award

Congratulations to Steven Perkins and James Langworthy for being awarded joint winners of the 2015 Sheena Storrie Award for Young Referee of the Year. This award is in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Soccer Refereeing in 2015. They have both consistently performed to the highest standards in the following criteria: Understanding and Application of […]

2015 Ernst Muellner Award

Congratulations to Peter Colombera on being awarded the 2015 Ernst Muellner Award. This award is awarded to a referee who is endeavouring to referee at the highest level in AWFA (ie Division 1 games (either gender)). Sincere, dedicated to work  their way through the ranks by: i.  studying; ii. listening iii. making every effort to sharpen their […]