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Dear Football Family,

One of the main challenges facing our game is the ongoing inappropriate behaviour occurring towards Referees.

Like players, referees do not get every decision correct and make mistakes from time to time. Referees are an integral part of our game and they perform an important role and deserve to be treated with respect.

Abusing a Referee is a form of bullying and this is not acceptable.

The 2018 football season has seen 43 cases of abuse towards Referees reported to Football Federation Victoria (FFV). 106 red cards have been issued for offences against match officials.

There have been several incidents reported where Referees have been physically assaulted.

This is totally unacceptable and this behaviour needs to stop. 

Everyone involved in the game has a collective responsibility to provide a safe environment for all participants and to reinforce that inappropriate behaviour of any kind towards a Referee is not to be tolerated.

Abuse towards Referees is not only having a negative impact on our existing experienced referees, but it is also making it difficult to attract new referees. This is essential to accommodate future growth in participation numbers.

FFV is issuing a directive to everyone involved in our game that abuse towards a Referee has NO place in football.

We expect an ongoing zero tolerance approach in relation to any form of abuse towards a Referee.

I seek your support in addressing this important matter for the benefit of Football in Victoria.

Sincerely yours in Football

Peter Filopoulos
Football Federation Victoria

Updated: July 23, 2018 — 3:28 pm