Andrew Wuksta Memorial Award | Rookie of the Year Award

    This award is given in honour of Andrew Wuksta. It is an encouragement award given to a referee who has a relaxed, friendly, positive outlook, a referee who is willing to accept advice and always does their best. A member who wishes to contribute and represents the game, our association and themselves in the best possible manner.

    Award Recipients

    2023: Blake Furness / Stephen Quaill
    2022: Joshua Nichols
    2021: No season (covid)
    2020: No season (covid)
    2019: Jen Taylor / Rhys Carty
    2018: Zac Lieschke/Harrison Nagle
    2017: Cameron Roach
    2016: Declan Patrala
    2015: Daniel Moore
    2014: Adam Sylwestrzak
    2013: Nathan Mackay
    2012: Patrick Townsend
    2011: Marcus Reed/Rhys Bennett
    2010: Ben Cudars
    2009: Kate Freeman
    2008: Novak Sojic
    2007: Chris Maher
    2006: James Nichols
    2005: Aras Mollison
    2004: Zac Mirt
    2003: Harry Hill
    2002: Amy Martin
    2001: Jason Farrell
    1999: Andrew Nichols


    Andrew Wuksta was our first assocation member to receive the Rookie of the year award. Andrew was a young referee who he had a great love of refereeing and cherished his involvement with AWSRA. At every opportunity he volunteered his time, always attended monthly meetings and education seminars. He always had a smile on his face and had an infectious ability to put a smile on the face of everyone with whom he came into contact.   
    A short time after receiving the inaugural Rookie of the Year trophy, Andrew was tragically killed in a car accident. In 2001, in recognition of an unforgettable young man, the Rookie of the Year Award was renamed the Andrew Wuksta Memorial Award. 

    Selection Criteria

    • Rookie of the year is awarded to someone in their early stages of refereeing
    • Has a genuine love for refereeing and the game in general
    • Has a relaxed, friendly, positive outlook, is willing to accept advice and always does their best
    • Contributes and represents the game, our association and themselves in the best possible manner
    • Makes an effort to attend General Meetings and education seminars, however is tempered and candidates should not be disadvantaged by consideration such as:
      1. Geographic location (living outside the cities of Albury Wodonga etc)
      2. Work/study commitments (night/shift work etc)
      3. Family commitments (illness/special circumstances)

    Determination: The award is decided by the Executive and based on recommendations from the Technical Committee.

    Postal Address:

    PO Box 96
    Albury NSW 2640

    AWSRA President

    Andrew Nichols
    0428 649 637

    AWSRA Secretary

    Mellanie Nichols
    0414 641 429

    AWSRA Treasurer

    Ben Porta
    0423 775 730

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