Ernst Muellner Memorial Award

    As one of our Associations founding members and Life Member, Ernst Muellner gave so much to both local football and the Referee's Association.  As a tribute and in recognition of Ernst, his family, along with the Referees' Association created the Ernst Muellner Memorial Award.

    Each year a recipient is select for this award. Primarily, this award is for "on field" performance and is designed to encourage referee(s) to raise their performance levels. This award is open to all referees with no bases on age, however candidate(s) should be consistently refereeing from U/16 level upwards and should be endeavouring to referee at the highest level in AWFA (ie Division 1 games) or junior NPL matches.  


    Award Recipients

    2024 - 
    2023 - Michael Robin

    2022 - Wayne Oliver
    2021 - No Season (COVID)
    2020 - No Season (COVID)
    2019 - Brad Coats
    2018  Lyndon Dodd
    2017  Carl Copsey
    2016  Daniel Moore
    2015  Peter Colombera
    2014  Sam Sgarioto

    Selection Criteria

    In the spirit which made Ernst the referee he was, the selection process is not bogged down in fine detail. The process is simple, easy, uncomplicated and decided by the Branch Coach, a Life Member and an Executive Member of the Referees' Association.

    In the event of there being a number of eligible candidates, then a referees "off field" contributions can become relevant in a final decision, however that would need to be tempered and they should not be disadvantaged by consideration such as:

    • Geographic location (living outside the cities of Albury Wodonga etc)
    • Work commitments (night/shift work etc)
    • Family commitments (illness/special circumstances)

    Having regard to the above, the following are the broad principles:

    1. The award is an encouragement award open to all referees

    2.  Age of the referee is open - there is no minimum and there is no maximum

    3. The candidate should be consistently refereeing from U/16 level upwards and should be endeavouring to referee at the highest level in AWFA (ie Division 1 games, and may already be refereeing games at that level. 4.

    4. This award is open to any referee, irrespective of their natural talent but would ideally be someone who is:
      1. Sincere
      2. Dedicated to work their way through the ranks by:
        1. Studying
        2. Listening
        3. Making every effort to sharpen their skills and improve

    5. The person should:
      1. Be able to demonstrate a very good knowledge of the Laws of the Game which would be evidenced by passing theory exams.
      2. Ideally be looking at advancing their knowledge by seeking higher qualifications, i.e., advancing through FFA Levels
    6.  Ernst was very keen for referees to understand what the players were trying to do and to "play the game with them". In this regard, the candiate should be able to demonstrate:
      1. An “understanding ofcan the game” - the actually underlying spirit of “laws of the game”
      2. Demonstrates appropriate social behaviours. 

    7. It should ideally be based around current ability and also future potential and encouragement. It should not be for past ability; that is not what Ernst would want.

    Postal Address:

    PO Box 96
    Albury NSW 2640

    AWSRA President

    Andrew Nichols
    0428 649 637

    AWSRA Secretary

    Mellanie Nichols
    0414 641 429

    AWSRA Treasurer

    Ben Porta
    0423 775 730

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